T's Custard Line (50ml-120ml)

Due to popular demand we have had our own line of custard juices,we do not load our juices with sweeteners our flavours are multi layered and blended and re blended until we get every nuance of the profile we want. Unlike many short fills on the market that just remove 10ml of juice, all our short-fills are formulated extra strong that need 10ml vg or nic shot adding to give the mixed juice the correct ratios. Regarding the sale of zero-nicotine liquid and a nicotine shot, this is permissible,” the MHRA told ECigIntelligence. “They can be sold separately, together, or separately in the same transaction as the TPD does not prohibit this. If sold in the same box, then the labelling and packaging requirements in the regulations will apply. If sold separately, then the nicotine shot still needs to be complaint with regulations.”
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